Marrying My Family’s Murderer

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Marrying My Family’s Murderer

You want to help bring the peace of Christ to this troubled world, but you don’t always know how much your donations are helping those in other countries. This encouraging feedback is for you. It reveals that your giving is really going to projects that change lives. A young lady named Cristine shares this remarkable testimony of how the Lord worked in her life through an audio program. GNPI-Mbale, Uganda, is working with ministry partners on the OneTribe Peace Project. It’s already making a great impact.

My name is Cristine. I am originally from Rwanda. I want to thank you and testify of your great work through the OneTribe radio programs.

My parents and my six siblings were slaughtered by a machete by one young man in 1994 when I was only four years old. I went to sell some goods at the market only to come back and find the whole family was dead. I had to run for my life. I passed through a lot until I reached Malawi. I stayed in an orphanage until I was 20 years old. Then I became independent and lived on my own. Life has been so hard for me without my family around.

Six months ago I started dating a certain guy. He proposed marriage to me, and I decided I must tell him everything about me before we got married. I told him about my family tragedy. He immediately started crying and ran away. After 14 sleepless nights, he decided to confess to me that he was the killer of my family. I was shocked; I fainted and lost consciousness for three weeks. After I regained my memory, I went out and bought a gun. I wanted to finish off his whole family. Before doing that, I contacted my friend Julia about what was going on. She advised me not to seek revenge but to forgive. She sent me some of the OneTribe radio recordings. The programs were about peace and forgiveness. The words in the recordings are very powerful and gave me the courage to forgive the killer of my family. It was really hard, but I made peace with him.

We got married last Saturday, and we are one big happy family. I am so thankful for Julia and this wonderful radio program. Please keep it going.

Julia fled DR Congo during the war and settled in another country where she met her friend Cristine. Julia then moved to the U.S. and serves as one of the voice actresses of the OneTribe Peace Project.

Our coworkers in Uganda are making progress on recording the 52 audio programs for the OneTribe Peace Project.

Their ministry partners are distributing some of the programs in the refugee communities. The programs are also being adapted for youth in secondary schools.

Thank you for helping GNPI ministry partners share the Gospel in creative ways in 191 nations around the world.

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