Making Muslim Friends

//Making Muslim Friends

Making Muslim Friends

“Did you know one in four people in the world today is a Muslim? Did you know 86% of these men, women, boys, and girls have never met a Christian? Jesus died for each one of us and for each one of them. How can they hear, if we don’t send the Gospel to them? How can they hear, if we quit?” — Dennison Forum

Ibrahim and his wife operate the quaint guesthouse in Kitale, Kenya, where my friend, Shawn, and I stayed for a week last summer. He is a kind and gentle man who is a great cook and friend. He slips out five times a day for prayers to Allah.

Shawn is a former missionary and now serves as an elder in Texas. His congregation had some benevolent money and wanted to help some international friends. They decided on Ibrahim and his family because of the raids in Kenya, and Ibrahim depends on for his livelihood.

This kind act builds upon the relationship several of us have established with Ibrahim and his family. One relationship, one family at a time, we need to offer to others like Ibrahim a chance to met adopted lovers of Jesus.

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