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Making Disciples Who Make More Disciples

Timothy P., Regional Director of GNPI-SE Asia

We helped dedicate a new training center on August 17. We praise the Lord for his faithfulness and the cooperation of several ministries to reach this goal. We have asked you to pray with us over the last several years that we could train more people to share the Gospel all over this region. This is an important milestone for us.




We look forward to watching how the Lord will use this facility to train many effective leaders who can share the Good News with people like this military leader to reach SE Asia with the Gospel.

While we look forward to bringing people to the training center, we will continue to go out and teach about the true God using the resources GNPI-SE Asia has developed. One man shared his gripping testimony and his desire to pass the Good News on to others during a trip a ministry partner and I made. His story reminded me of the story of the centurion from the Bible.


I was a strong Buddhist. I practiced meditation and preached the precepts to others. I also used to tell palm astrology. Now I understand these are man-made things. I came to realize that Jesus is the true God, and I can choose to whom I shall adhere.  I am so glad to hear the Message today. I wish other people also could hear this Message, and surely they would come to Christ. Buddhists lose their way in the Samsara (life-cycle) and never escape from it. If they knew the way of liberation is in Jesus, they would accept Him.

I will tell them about this Message in my military troop. There are 500 soldiers in our regiment and about 400 soldiers under my control.  We Buddhists believe that any other religions, except our own beliefs, are false. I considered followers of Christianity, Hinduism, and Islam all false religions and took pity on them as people losing the way. Now I understand to be followers of the true way and the false way, and I feel regret. I will share about Jesus with my many relatives who have never heard about Him.

Praise the Lord for this new believer. Pray that he will allow the Lord to use his influence and help many others come to know Christ.


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