Mike Schrage, Executive Director

A recent visit of a regional director to the U.S. reminded me of this simple truth: light is light regardless of where it’s shining!

Shining a flashlight at noon won’t be noticed very much, but the same flashlight along a country road on cloud-covered night can be a lifesaver! The light isn’t any stronger; it’s just easier to see when it’s pitch-black all around.

Our GNPI regional directors share their light everywhere they go. In most cases they serve in places of great spiritual darkness where the light of the Gospel is easy to see. When this light shines on people, it may expose them to danger. We are constantly in prayer as they make the way clear in these places.

Sometimes our regional directors leave their homelands to shine their light in the U.S. While there are many more shining around them here, their beams of spiritual light impact us greatly. They brighten our spirits. We are enlightened by their wisdom and perseverance. In fact, they impact non-believers for Christ while they are visiting!

Join us in asking God to continue to allow our regional directors to shine the light of Christ, wherever they are. Let’s pray for each of us to be the same kind of transforming light for Christ in 2017.

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