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Liam & Ruby are Ready!

Liam & Ruby would like you to join them in six, short episodes as they spend a week discovering new things at their grandparents. We don’t want to spoil it for you, but one of their favorite finds is an old Solar Kit that Grandma and Grandpa used while they were missionaries in Africa.
This is the newest kid’s series from GNPI. We think it’s great, but here…see for yourself. This is the first episode.

If you are looking for a mission component for your VBS this summer, Liam & Ruby will delight your kids as they think up ways to raise money to buy a Solar Kit. Maybe you teach a Sunday school class and you want to expose your kids to the world of missions. Liam & Ruby would love to help you do that! (There is also a discussion guide that includes some questions for you to use with the kids after watching the each eposide.)
This animated series would be a great addition to any kind of kid’s programming, and best of all, it’s free. You can download all six episodes here. You can also download the discussion guide. If you prefer, we’ll send you a DVD with the discussion guide included. Simply contact us at 417.782.0060 or email



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