Learning New Truths

Learning New Truths

The Project Nomad-Johannesburg, South Africa, team recently produced a promotional video for Kids Gospel Ministry (KGM), a local children’s ministry working with several public schools.

KGM’s vision is that the Holy Spirit will enable African children to delight in God’s saving grace, so they can glorify Him in all things and exalt Jesus in the world.

This Nomad team continues to work to sharpen their skills in media production. Project Nomad Coordinator Mark Allen says “Thank you for praying for the trip to South Africa. It went really well. Mark and Lynette Johnson from the Avalon Church of Christ in Virginia were a great asset and made a good connection to the team in Johannesburg. We were able to go through some advanced training as well as review basic areas of production to clarify and streamline the process.”

SA 4

Mark Allen and Mark and Lynette Johnson are pictured with the Project Nomad team members.

God showed His presence during these training events by allowing teaching moments to appear during the visits. Mark and the team encountered a group making a movie at a local mall. The team had a chance to ask production questions and learn from the professionals.


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