Late Lawson: The George Washington Carver of Togo

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Late Lawson: The George Washington Carver of Togo

Togo is a relatively small western African country of seven million people. Late Lawson is from Togo, and he has visions of lifting his nation from poverty one farmer at a time.

Seventy percent of all Togo’s citizens are farmers. With high rates of illiteracy, farming is often one of very few options for work. With small plots, a lack of fertilizer, and worn hoes, opportunities are difficult to imagine.

Yet Late, a trained consultant in the area of agricultural engineering, says that, “God has given us everything we need to become self-sustaining and even rich.”

Late is the George Washington Carver of Togo. He and his wife, Minen, are founding members of Afrika Excel, a Christian NGO specializing in advising subsistence farmers and offering micro-loans of $150 to plant corn, peanuts, and pineapples.

Recently, copies of The Global Gospel were given to Late and Minen to share during literacy classes held in the village where they work. The 88 stories of the life of Christ will be a fantastic supplement to the textbook they use, the Bible.

Late sees himself as a vessel God is using to deliver connecting resources with his people. Perhaps as important as providing training, loans, and education for farmers is the spiritual nourishment farmers will receive from The Global Gospel.

Praise God for vessels like Late Lawson who connect resources around the world!


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