Kids Helping Other Kids Learn About Jesus

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Kids Helping Other Kids Learn About Jesus

The Good News is meant to be shared.

It’s been a blessing for GNPI to see kids using our Liam & Ruby missions moments. The next generation is excited about helping others around the world to learn about Jesus. These young people give generously to help Christian workers get tools like Solar Kits for places where there is no electricity.

Liam & Ruby Screen Shot

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Their gifts are also helping us to prepare a new interactive project for children and parents to experience stories from the Bible in a new firsthand perspective told by the people who were part of the story. For example, Jairus tells his granddaughters about the time Jesus raised their mother from the dead, and how it changed his life forever!

This new project includes 20 interactive stories with 10 from the New Testament and 10 from the Old Testament.
IMG_8336 NAM Jairus CU NAM Jesus CU NAM Daughter of Jairus cu

We pray this project results in children of all ages and cultures coming to Jesus!

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