Keeping Pace in Kenya

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Keeping Pace in Kenya

Isaac Masiga, Regional Director of GNPI-Nairobi, Kenya

We are delighted that the Tumaini Hotel project is done and has taken off well. The following trailers are being used by the Sayare and Daystar TV stations. We are still pursuing our request to the Kenya Institute of Education Curriculum Development to consider using the project and books as well.

The Sayare and Daystar TV stations requested additional episodes, which would be continuous and made into a daily TV show. The request from the TV stations was for us to shoot a Nairobi version of the whole Tumaini Hotel series. Our hope is that even if we don’t get the funds to do full 30 minute episodes, we can still address all the issues in the public service announcements (PSAs) we are doing.

We are progressing well with the PSAs. Currently there is additional work needed for the project about abortion alternatives, since it is longer than the other PSAs we’ve done.

We pretested our Solar Kit prototype in Eldoret during the launch of Tumaini Hotel.

sharing at tendwo church of christ (1)
We have received a lot of feedback regarding the Solar Kit, and we’re considering all of it. We are already modifying our prototype to be less bulky and to incorporate a smaller projector imported from Hong Kong. It will replace the current LCD screen.

demonstrating how the solar kit works

Our trip to use the Solar Kit in the Mathare slum was also successful, and we are thanking God for it. This ministry work will be continuous and is not limited to production within the community.

We’ve been uploading our content on our custom app, Yunami, on a daily basis.


The content is formatted to suit the app, and it’s multi-lingual. So far we’re using English and Swahili versions of everything we are uploading. We plan to add French as well as other languages some time later based on the feedback we receive and to serve francophone countries. We are waiting for our app to be available at the Apple Store and the Google Play Store.

We are excited about all of the outreach opportunities we have in Africa.


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