Joy in the Circle of Life

//Joy in the Circle of Life

Joy in the Circle of Life

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

Joy is personally experiencing Christ’s timely, marvelous, and bountiful grace! Where did that happen for you? I experienced that joy in November 1976 at a swimming pool turned baptistery in Carbondale, Illinois. I had no idea how that moment would lead to today as I help deliver joy to others through media and technology.

It’s amazing what the quest for seeing this joy in the life of others will cause one to do. Whether it’s staying up until 2:00 am to finish an edit in Africa, or working until 2:00 am in a Missouri harvest field to donate grain proceeds for the very editing equipment and software, our team of staff and supporters go to great lengths to supply joy.

It all results in unsurpassed joy when we see the plan come together at the intersection of life’s crossroads. We hear how a worship song, drama, teaching video, radio talk show, or plan on a digital app deliver truth and hope and is used by the Holy Spirit at just the right moment to deliver eternal joy.

Do you see the unending cycle? We’re given joyous spiritual life for the purpose of giving it to others. Such beauty is found in the circle of life!


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