Mike Schrage, Executive Director

Christian workers in South Sudan recently sent this message to me. It reaffirms their hunger for Christ centered digital resources that they can use on tools like their phones. Even in remote areas like southern Sudan, I’m encouraged to continue moving forward with projects like The Global Gospel, and others, which can help others know Christ.

Josephine, or “Mama Kasara” as we call her, lives directly across from the church land. She does not have glasses, due to inability to be anywhere near an optometrist, and so she cannot read her Bible. Often, her daughter Kasara would read to her in English although she wanted to hear the Word in her mother tongue, Acholi.

As soon as the Acholi audio Bible was downloaded, Mama Kasara was one of the first to have it transferred onto her phone. You should have seen the happiness at having access to hear the Word anytime she wanted, without help, and in her own mother tongue! We would often hear her playing it as she washed laundry, and at such a high volume it was hard to talk when near it.

When she came to our home, she would always charge her phone. We asked her why her phone would run out of batteries so fast as to need it charged every day. She let us know that as soon as it became dark and the evening meal was finished, those in her family would gather around her phone in the dark and listen to the Bible until it ran out of batteries.

Thank you for being part of getting the Word into the hands of those who are wanting to hear it!


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