Jesus, the God of the Universe

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Jesus, the God of the Universe

Timothy P., regional director of GNPI-SE Asia, equips local evangelists with resources to share the hope of Christ with Buddhists. This testimony from a new sister outlines his effective approach of starting where Buddhists are and then building on that foundation.

Jesus is the God of the universe. He is not only the western God, but he is the God of all creatures. Unless we accept Jesus as our personal Savior, there is no hope for the future.


I was a Buddhist, but I was touched by this teaching about Jesus at a seminar in my village last year. I went home and talked to my children about what I had heard. The children were surprised by my interest in following Christ.


They said, “We have our own god. Why are you going to accept the Christian God?”

I kept quiet. I didn’t know enough to explain it to them, but in my heart I wanted to know more about Jesus.

One day the evangelist came to my house and explained to me about the true God and the five maras (evils). I could see that there is no one else who could pass the evils except Jesus Christ. Several years ago, I had a chance to watch a movie about Christ. Through this movie and the teacher’s explanations, I began to see the reality of Christ.

1)   Kilesa mara (craving, sexual desire) — Jesus Christ was free from sexual desire because He was conceived through the power of God not by relation of man.

2)   Missu mara (death) – Jesus was raised from the dead on the third day.

3)   Kanda mara (physical body decay) – Jesus was raised from the dead and His body did not decay. He showed Himself to His disciples after resurrection.

4)   Shivabuddha mara (power over spirits and demons) — Jesus Christ can drive out demons and has power over spirits.

5)   Abithinkhara mara (nature) — Jesus can control nature by calming the storm.

Jesus is the only One who could overcome all five maras. I think it will be effective to keep showing this movie about Christ before the lessons. The lesson after the movie is very beneficial.

I have come to realize Jesus Christ saves me from sin and eternal punishment. I believe in Jesus Christ. I will surely throw away all idols and shrines I worshipped before and get baptized. I surrender myself to Jesus. I will slowly explain this to my children. I will not leave Jesus.


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