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Jesus Christ the Conqueror

PD of GNPI-SE Asia writes, “This is the testimony of a new believer. One of our staff members, AS, met TKO while visiting the northern region of our country to share the Gospel and offer leadership training. AS used the tools and techniques developed by GNPI-SE Asia to teach TKO about Christ and baptize him. We saw how God was working to prepare the heart of this man and found the techniques to be very helpful for convincing a Buddhist to see the true God.


TKO, age 39

I was a Buddhist. Whenever I prayed and bowed down in front of statues and Buddha images, a ray of light would shine down upon me. I could not concentrate on my prayer and worship, and this really disturbed me.

I told my family about it, but they never believed me. I talked about it quite often, so my family thought I was crazy or spirit possessed. I knew I was not crazy. However, I was worried. My hands were trembling. I was so afraid. I lived this way without paying homage to anything for a long time.

When I met AS, he told me about Jesus Christ who is the o ne true God, the conqueror of evil. I understood and accepted the Gospel. I realized what I had pursued in the past was totally wrong. I was convinced that Jesus Christ is the only way to eternal life. Right then, I decided to follow Jesus and be baptized.


I found peace in the light of Christ.

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