“It’s Really Doing Wonders in Our Lives.”

//“It’s Really Doing Wonders in Our Lives.”

“It’s Really Doing Wonders in Our Lives.”

God is answering our prayers in encouraging ways as we move quickly into 2014.  We had been praying for the right time to facilitate NOMaD training in India. It became apparent last last year that January would be the best time. During the past two weeks Jason Miller (project NOMaD coordinator) has trained 13 students from seven locations in India as part of project NOMaD.

We wanted to share some of the positive feedback from the training with you; your investments in this program are paying off!

“Pray we can take this training and use it to reach many, many people. We want to go back and use this training for the expansion of the kingdom. We are doing a project on the caste system and the evils of it. Thank you from the bottom of our heart. This project is really for our benefit. It has really opened our eyes. We want to use it to help others come to Christ.”

“We are so thankful to you for this training. It’s really doing wonders in our lives. Thanks for sending Jason. He is an excellent teacher.”

“We are blessed to have received a lot of good training here. We think 10 days is too short of a time. We wish it were six months long. We want to keep Jason here. He is such a good teacher. Thank you for sending him here.”

“This training is good for our team. I want to keep Jason here forever.”

We are excited to see how quickly these groups gain proficiency in media, and the wonderful supplement it can become to their ministry in India. They have been inspired to share the Gospel throughout India, grasped the practical application of some new equipment, and built strong relationships with each other.


When the training ends, our relationship with these students will continue. Jason will stay in contact to facilitate completion of their projects and to explore future partnerships with GNPI.

Thank you, God, for planting new seeds to grow your kingdom through project NOMaD.

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