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Make each image on this poster come to life using your mobile device. What will it do? That’s for you to find out. Each image has unique content for you to discover!

STEP 1: Download the FREE Aurasma app.

STEP 2: Create an account with your own login, OR use one we created and skip step 3! Enter username: gnpi-a and password: gnpi-a

STEP 3: If using your own account, search “gnpi” and follow “gnpi’s Public Auras” to enable our interactive content.


Activate your camera with the icon at the bottom of the home screen and hover over any image to see it come to life! Double tap the videos to play in fullscreen mode or to exit a video. Tap the video to be redirected to a blog or site that you can share or receive more information.

Download the free Aurasma App HERE!

Getting started:

Even if you don’t have the calendar, the artwork and access to the interactive content can be printed on a single page with this downloadable PDF.