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Indigitous Conference 2015

Manee Massey communicates his gratitude for the opportunity to attend a conference and connect with many new partners.

By Manee Massey, Regional Director of GNPI-Damoh, India



I want to personally thank GNPI for sending me to the Indigitous 2015 Bangalore conference. I was exposed to new technology, ideas, understanding, and most importantly, new contacts. I was one of the first to share a project idea on stage. Only nine people were selected, so I felt really blessed to be chosen.


Some of the other highlights were:

  1. I met a man who is working on a Web-based App that will enable any video to embed, so we can offer the users follow-up contents relevant to their language. I see this software as a big success in the future as it would allow us to measure the success of our videos real time. It would provide various types of analytics like who is watching, where, how long the video was played, and who is interested.
  1. I met a passionate Christian and great App developer. He gave me some direction and provided me with lots of resources to read.
  1. I was able to meet a 3-D artist who may be willing to help me to make Christian cartoons for kids, and we can turn those into videos.
  1. I met a man from Australia who is in need of Indian youth videos and Hindi content. He is interested on the videos we have produced, so we will have further discussions.
  1. I met a couple who do seminars with non-Christians on the subjects of parenting and marriage. They introduce Christ’s teaching by bridging it with parenting seminars. We may be in contact in the future. They are considering coming to Damoh to record a video for their ministry.
  1. I met a person who works with Muslim students in schools and could help us with our projects.201502_IND_Indigitous_0001

The conference challenged me in a couple areas as well. I watched some good quality videos, which encouraged me to push the level of our production much higher.

Another one of the big things which impacted me is that we produce lots of videos, but now I see big need for follow-up material.

As you can see, my experience was very good, and I hope what I learned will shape and improve our productions. Thanks again!

3 Responses to “Indigitous Conference 2015”

By 5Watts - 24 April 2015 - Reply

Manee – thanks so much for coming. It was so much better because you were with us. I appreciated how you helped, served, and encouraged others in their work. And that software project you and I were doing some work on? We are so close. Prayers appreciated. I hope soon you will be able to use and be served by what I showed you.

By 5Watts - 24 April 2015 - Reply

oh, and thanks too for GNPI for getting you there!

By JERRY STUKEY - 28 April 2015 - Reply

MANEE: I am thrilled that you got to attend the conference and that you enjoyed and took advantage of the opportunity. The fact that you were selected to be put on stage during the program to share what you and your staff is doing, is a complement to GNPI and the Damoh program. What a blessing to be able to attend with the opportunity to see and learn so much. Your relationship with new contacts will surely be a huge benefit for you, your contacts and the Lord’s Kingdom. I too, would like to thank GNPI for selecting such a talented and gifted young man as the Regional Director of GNPI-Damoh, India and giving you the benefit to see what other opportunities are out there. Blessings to you and yours. Jerry Stukey

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