Incredible Feedback from GNPI-Mexico

//Incredible Feedback from GNPI-Mexico

Incredible Feedback from GNPI-Mexico

by Gustavo Velázquez, Regional Director of GNPI-Mexico

I would like to share some comments people have written on YouTube and Vimeo about our videos.

La Ultima Oracion (Last Prayer)


“I really enjoyed the lesson from this movie, and every time I watch I want to know our Creator God. Greetings and blessings to all.”

“I congratulate much to the creators of this film. Very beautiful, God bless you. Thank God for mothers who cry out to God for their children.”

“What a beautiful film! God sent me this movie, and I offer him many thanks. I loved the movie. God bless you.”

“Christ found me after nearly 13 years on drugs and alcohol. Oh, that blessed day on May 14, 2009. For the glory of God, I have never been the same. I really reflected on my life when I watched this movie. God bless those who made it. Jesus Christ is real!”

I really reflected on my life when I watched this movie.

Sin Alternativa (No Alternative)


“No to abortion. If Christ is with me, who can be against me? God never abandons his children and gives us the strength and wisdom to deal with something that we could not. This movie has helped me make a wise decision. Many thanks to you.”

“I liked this film because it shows an example of what could happen to us if we had disobedience in our young lives . . . very inspiring.”

Promesa de Amor (Promise of Love)


“I have asked God to continue to guide and bless all the men and women working on this production, to continue doing more film and stuff like that, which brings hope to the lonely. Blessings!”

“I am a single mother. I am currently married, but my marriage has faded. I am pregnant, and my husband just reminded me that he does not want to live, does not want to take responsibility, does not care, does not understand why he married me. May God help me raise my two children . . . . This movie has given me much hope. Now I know God is with me.”

This movie has given me much hope. Now I know God is with me.

“This movie is beautiful. I felt very reflective. Thanks for a great job. I am asking God to bless you immensely, so you can continue producing and carrying this message of hope to our people. Our Latin American women especially need to know Jesus. Thank you!”

“Beautiful movie! It made ​​me mourn. God bless you. I’m going to subscribe to your channel. I want to see more films like this.”


JoelGarcia copy
Comments on a song by Joel Garcia, “Bonanza” (production of PBNI):

“Joel Garcia’s life is very interesting. In it, you can see the grace and mercy of God. I think that’s why their songs to God are such a blessing to the listener” – Pastor Alfredo Valdez

“This song brought peace to my heart, thanks for sharing.” – Edith Castro

La Red (The Network) – A Short Film

La nRed1

“Stunning and extraordinary … important to see … appealing to youth … shows intelligence, wisdom, prudence, and living according to God’s will. It’s ideal to view with family. It also serves as an example to parents.”

Destado por Sangre (A Short Film about Raziel)

“It’s amazing how God can change people, and there are people so incredulous. Truly this video made ​​me think, and I cried.”

It’s amazing how God can change people!

“This testimony is a blessing. We pray that God will continue using you to lead lost youth to Christ. May the Lord use this film greatly.”

“Raziel, God bless you. God has used you by this film. I was speechless. I did mourn. I remembered my past life and how I was transformed by the mighty power of Jesus Christ. I am sure this film will help many people right now with lives just as we were.”

Thank you for praying and giving so that we at GNPI-Mexico can produce media that shows Spanish speakers how Jesus Christ can relate to them in practical ways.

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