Increase the Annual Revenue by 48%!

//Increase the Annual Revenue by 48%!

Increase the Annual Revenue by 48%!

With two-thirds of the world still seeking Christ, the challenge of every kingdom worker is huge. At GNPI, we’ve established key strategic goals to outline our path forward in doing the work we feel God has given us. I’ve shared them with you during the past several weeks, but in review, GNPI will:

  1. Develop a network-wide mobile App delivery system.

  2. Create discipleship Apps for Hindus, Buddhists, and Muslims.

  3. Produce The Global Gospel in the world’s top 25 languages.

  4. Identify, train, and equip NOMaD teams for maximum productivity.

  5. Expand regional center impact.

  6. Grow and develop the GNPI Board of Directors.

To accomplish these goals, we’ve had to increase our annual budget significantly, which brings us to our last strategic goal:

     7. Increase the annual revenue by 48%!

As you can read from the title of this article, this year alone, we are seeking a 48% increase in our budget! That’s crazy!

Frankly, we know it can’t be done unless God does it. How will he do it? He’ll use faithful friends like you and brand new supporters. He’ll use all those who can offer prayer, finances, and a willingness to share what God is doing through GNPI with friends who are capable of doing the same.

We have earnestly committed ourselves afresh to the Lord, our supporters, and to a waiting and watching world. Will it take a God-sized move to make it happen? You bet! Yet, we’d rather God do this than us, and we’ll leave it to him to provide as only he can.

We look forward to watching the Lord continue to work as we accelerate global evangelism through media and technology.

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