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In Every Season

Our enemy does his best to thwart efforts to spread the Gospel. Media can be one of his best tools to deliver news of suffering, tragedy, or pain.

Just as Christ can redeem individuals, He can also redeem media. He uses it to introduce Good News around the world. His power transcends any barrier standing in the way of this Message.

This Truth is the reason for GNPI’s 2015 theme: Boundless. This year we can see many examples of God’s far reaching love, power, and faithfulness throughout our network. In every season, the Message of Jesus is true. May God be glorified!

2 Responses to “In Every Season”

By linda - 14 October 2015 - Reply

I loved the video,it was clear and concise. I hope my church will use it. God bless you with more supporter and workers.

By GNPI - 19 October 2015 - Reply

Thanks Linda. We would love for your church to show it and use it in whatever way they wish. Thanks for you prayers and support. Let us know if we can be of any help.

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