Identity Matters

Identity Matters

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

GNPI-Eurasia is based in Kiev, Ukraine, and Simferopol, Crimea. Through the Internet and mobile delivery tools, media projects produced in these locations serve many nations throughout Europe and Asia.

Identity is a sensitive issue. In the New Testament a person identified as a Galilean was considered uneducated. Fishermen were equally held in low opinion. Jews looked down on Samaritans as half-breeds. Identity mattered, and it still matters today.

Shortly after the 2014 Summer Olympics, Vladimir Putin’s Russian army annexed a portion of Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula. As a result, some GNPI staff members stayed and some had to leave. This created two campuses under GNPI-Ukraine: the Kiev campus and the Crimea campus.

Regional Director Dr. Sergei Golovin states, “We are one team with one vision, one strategy, and one budget. However, we have two locations. Nevertheless, our vision is much broader than Ukraine. Through the network of the Eurasian Apologetics Society, we are impacting all former Soviet Union countries, including Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Armenia, Uzbekistan, and others. Until recently Crimea was just a home base for ministry.”

As a result of this current situation and looking towards the future, our colleagues have asked that we refer to them as GNPI-Eurasia.

Next time you check our website or read a blog, prayer request, or newsletter, please remember to pray for peace and for boldness in the work of GNPI-Eurasia. It spans ten time zones using innovative methods to accelerate global evangelism.

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