I wish you could have been there!

//I wish you could have been there!

I wish you could have been there!

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

I was standing at the whiteboard in my office in Joplin listening to Timothy P., our regional director at GNPI-SE Asia, share his plans for reaching not only his community and city, but his COUNTRY! When was the last time you sat with someone who had that type of God-sized vision?

To accomplish this, Timothy has implemented a methodical plan I wrote on the board as he explained it – a plan that is already in motion, including new projects from a recently established production site. Timothy believes God is using media to help Buddhists see clearly from their experiences and worldview that the one Creator God is for them, and more importantly, He loves them.

I saw in Timothy a childlike faith – so confident and pure. It was refreshing to sit in his presence, listen, and soak it all in. I just wish you could have been there too!

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