I Stand in Awe at What God Has Accomplished

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I Stand in Awe at What God Has Accomplished

Dr. Garland Bare has a long history with GNPI. He went to medical school, so he could provide for the physical needs of the people of Thailand as well as their spiritual needs. Later he and his wife helped start a campus ministry at the University of Nebraska. God has used Dr. Bare to inspire our Founder Ziden Nutt and to encourage the staff at GNPI.

Dr. Garland Bare, Guest Blogger

I first met Ziden Nutt at summer camp at Cedar Lake, Indiana. I was 19 years old and a student at Lincoln Bible Institute (now Lincoln Christian University). Ziden was 11 or 12. Having spent 11 years with my missionary parents in Tibet, it was my intention to return as a missionary to that country.

I was a reluctant missionary speaker because the campers from the Chicago area were more rowdy and defiant than those from rural areas. I tried to challenge the campers to commit their lives to service in the remote regions of the world. The only student to come forward with a lifetime commitment was Ziden.

I never returned to Tibet. My wife, Dorothy, and I became missionaries to Thailand, some 3,000 miles downstream from Tibet.

It was a time of poor communication with no transcontinental telephone lines, no computers, and no cell phones. Yet we learned through letters that Ziden did not wait for graduation to begin his ministry of soul-winning and church planting.

Transportation was also a challenge. Ziden and Helen travelled to eastern Africa where they hoped to begin their life work as missionaries. Dorothy and I spent 49 days on a cargo boat from New York to Bangkok. After years on the field, both families had to return to the United States due to the special needs of their youngest daughters. Spring River Christian Village played a unique role in the lives of both girls.

God led both families to new ministries that surpassed our expectations. Dorothy and I helped start a campus ministry at the University of Nebraska, which produced church leaders throughout the United States and missionaries to countries as remote as Japan and Ethiopia.

Who could have imagined the worldwide impact of Good News Productions, International? I stand in awe at what God has accomplished through the lives of Ziden and Helen.

While at the University of Nebraska, I was frequently invited to speak at Ozark Christian College. Boyce Mouton had a radio program and interviewed me several times. I shared with him my research on the crucifixion and resurrection and was honored to be invited to record videos on A Doctor Looks at the Crucifixion and Resurrection by GNPI.

On one of my trips to Joplin I was invited to speak at dorm devotions in Williamson Hall. A young student named Mike Schrage told the dorm dad my talk had convinced him to dedicate his life to the foreign mission field. After we moved to Joplin, Mike and I tried to meet monthly for prayer and mutual encouragement from 2012 through 2014. I am committed to intercede for his leadership of ICOM this year.

Tom Nutt has always impressed me with his capable and unassuming leadership of GNPI, and I have been blessed by many other respected friends on the staff of GNPI.

I would encourage my Christian friends to give generously to the worldwide ministry of Good News Productions, International and also to pray for the courage to never compromise in matters of biblical doctrine.


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