Hungry for God’s Word?

Hungry for God’s Word?

GNPI-Chiang Mai, Thailand, has completed another Biblical Extension Course (BEC). This is the first lesson to be completed since the March 26th death of Regional Director Tom Silkwood.

Tom and his wife, Gayle, explained the series this way.

“Hong-krua-pra-kham” is roughly translated “Kitchen of God’s Word.” It is a series of Bible teachings by Thai pastors and teachers. The idea is that Bible teachers use their own style (the spices) and teach the Bible (the meat) in a way that the Thai listener can ingest it. You can see several of the topics that were produced over the past year below.  

They also have produced BEC for the Lisu tribal people. Their newest staff member, Mr. Udom, is a young Lisu man and college graduate. He is learning to produce teaching videos for his own people, and Mr. Udom’s program is called “Seeds of Life.”  Lisu pastors are asked to preach or teach biblical truths so they can be uploaded to YouTube or distributed to the Lisu tribal villages. Mr. Udom’s dad, Pastor Leoshu, taught the first program. This and other Lisu sermon videos are available here.


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