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Human Words

“Human words cannot change human hearts.” Dr. Jim Denison

My own life story illustrates this fundamental point. In 1976 I was a college kid in Carbondale, Illinois. I was alone and had no direction.

I was bored with life.

My mother, however, had found a new path and was anything but bored with life. She had just become a Christian and began praying for her children. Once, when I was home from college, she secretly put a New Testament in my suitcase before I returned to school.

I found it as I started work again at Southern Illinois University’s research farm. I was still wandering. With a lack of friends, fun, and family, I began to read this little blue book my mother had hidden in the bottom of my suitcase.

I thought she had just done my laundry, but she wanted something else clean too – my heart!

As a 19 year-old kid, I was totally unaware of the Bible. Out of curiosity and boredom, on a cold November evening, I began to read a chapter in a book called “John.”

At first I thought it was odd. It didn’t really make much sense to me. However, God’s Word moved quickly into my heart. By chapter three I was kneeling at the edge of my bed. I wept as I told a God I did not know of my sins, hopes, and struggles. Then and there I committed my life and future to Him!

No sermon. No five-week Bible study. No savvy evangelistic approach – simply God’s words leaping from a printed page into my heart.

That’s the genius of the Bible.

This Book of Books is filled with words not from a man named John, or any of the other writers; they are the words of God, delivered through men his Spirit moved! That made all the difference for my heart, soul, and the eternal trajectory of my life!

That’s why, 40 years later, I love what we do at GNPI. Here, two of our core values are being culturally relevant and biblically based in every production and strategy.

No, human words can’t change human hearts. Yet, God’s Word can and does. We see it almost every day at GNPI! I’m thankful God’s Word changed my life.


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