How Do You Use This Thing?

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How Do You Use This Thing?

We’ve had another opportunity to partner with Eddie Gonzalez and his team in Sudan. How Do You Use ThisEddie and his team are young and innovative, and they see the value in using GNPI Solar Kits and other technology to accelerate global evangelism.

Determined to find a way to record the Bible in the local language and make the files available on SD cards, the team made a plea for funds to purchase recording equipment. Their determination was rewarded when one of their partners donated the funds.

They were thrilled to be able to purchase a studio-quality audio recorder. Yet like any new piece of technology, when they received it, their thoughts were somewhere between, “Thank you Lord!” and “How do you use this thing?”

Here’s what they recently wrote in their newsletter:

How Do You Use This2“We are excited to say that someone generously donated money for a new audio recorder!

However, when we got it, the gadget sure was intimidating! We sought out professional help from Good News Productions, International in Uganda, who has a wealth of experience and expertise in making quality digital discipleship tools for an African audience.

Last week one of their staff, Stephen, met Eddie Gonzalez, Taban Martin, and David Bikokwa in Gulu to give them a thorough training on how to use the device, as well as to make the recordings into the files that can be distributed thorough SD cards or for the radio. This allows us to do wide Gospel-seed sowing.

Our next step is to create and record the teachings. Please pray for the teachers now being recorded, that they are able to only share what the Lord is wanting to teach through them.”

GNPI is pleased to be able to help this team, and other fellow Christian workers.

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