Helping Them Become Employable, Ethical, and Empowered

//Helping Them Become Employable, Ethical, and Empowered

Helping Them Become Employable, Ethical, and Empowered

“The less people know, the more they yell.” — Seth Godin

Uganda has a history filled with chaos, corrupt dictators, and civil war. In short, the vast majority of the nation’s history has been turbulent. But, since the mid 1980’s, peace has won the day. Not only has a more stable environment emerged, but along with it opportunities to develop this once war-torn land.

Opportunity presents hope where previously none was felt. Sensing a positioning from God, a team of missionaries joined together in Mbale, Uganda, in 1995. Their vision: to play a role in quieting the chaos in Uganda permanently by planting churches, and educating tomorrow’s leaders. A path toward healing could be forged through knowledge and the subsequent empowerment it would bring. So began Messiah Theological Institute (MTI), a school to train Christian leaders. Hundreds from Sudan, Tanzania, Kenya, and other African nations have been trained at MTI.

The dream soon expanded. Theological training was powerful and having an impact, but there were yet more opportunities to claim for Christ. Uganda needed highly trained, ethical, and employable graduates to pioneer the way forward in many areas that held great promise for the developing nation. Plans for Livingstone International University (LIU) found their way to the drafters table. A university could help fill the need for highly skilled graduates in areas like agriculture, business, and communications.

With the passage of time, architectural drawing became brick and mortar. LIU is now creating leaders in areas essential to building a strong foundation to support a growing country.

GNPI-Uganda has been privileged to develop a partnership integral to LIU’s effectiveness, teaching key communications classes. They are training the leaders of tomorrow in knowledge so that they can impact their world for Christ, in their churches and the marketplace.

Here is a behind-the-scenes look at how and why GNPI-Uganda partners with LIU, helping to prepare ethical, employable, and empowered students.

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