Happy New Year

Happy New Year

TP, Regional Director of GNPI-SE Asia

Pa-Kan combined Christmas

The Christmas season provided many wonderful opportunities to share about Jesus who came to the world to save His people. We distributed many MP3 recordings, booklets, and DVDs to unbelievers.


Christmas is the best time to share the Gospel in SE Asia. It is almost impossible to preach openly during the rest of the year in suburb areas. Everyone in the region knows that December is a month of celebration for Christians. People expect to hear Christmas carols at worship services and home gatherings. In many places churches offer meals, and many new guests come for free food. We use this opportunity to tell them what Christmas means.

Oakkan Christmas

I preached in several places about the Messiah, the coming One. First, I point out things they are familiar with, like the creation of the world, the beginning of marriage, the head of the family, the one true God, and the virgin birth of Jesus. All of these are in the Buddhist scriptures, but no one ever explained them. Burmese people want to know about the Messiah. I try to help them to understand that Jesus Christ is the Messiah and has overcome death.


Burmese people view Christianity as a western deity for western people and anyone who accepts Christ is a betrayer. They do not connect Christ from the New Testament with God, but if I explain the Messiah is the coming one from the Old Testament, they understand right away.

On Christmas morning a believer brought a young man to me. After telling him about Jesus, I took him along to our worship service. After one hour told me that he had decided to accept Jesus as his personal Savior, and the preacher baptized him.


Others said, “Teacher, I am so happy to hear that Jesus is the Messiah. I understand now and want to know more about the true God. Religion is not that important. We should get along and live as a community. Please do the same thing next Christmas.”

Praise God for the way He worked in the hearts of the people during this time of giving and preaching.

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