Grow and Develop the GNPI Board of Directors!

//Grow and Develop the GNPI Board of Directors!

Grow and Develop the GNPI Board of Directors!

As I sat in his office and explained GNPI’s new strategic plan, the missions pastor was careful to hear each of GNPI’s seven goals.

After I finished he commented, “So many non-profit ministries overlook the importance of an effective and robust board. I’m glad to hear that GNPI has a priority of growing and developing your board.”

Growing and nurturing our Board of Directors at GNPI is key to our future as a ministry seeking to play a role in building God’s Kingdom. The seven current board members of GNPI range in experience from being an original director in 1976 to one member that was just added less than a year ago! We’re in conversations currently with more people who can help build on our forty-year legacy.

Each board member brings specific talents and experiences to the ministry. They help us stay true to the principles upon which GNPI was built while meeting exciting opportunities that lay before us. Their professional experiences range from being a history teacher, farmer, agricultural consultant for a US congressman, college professor, church planter, non-profit director, and retired music teacher.

These men and women need your prayers. They hold the future of GNPI in their hands.

We hope you’ll join with us as we pray God adds to their number. A stronger board means increasing our collective wisdom and experience and a ministry better prepared to accelerate global evangelism through media and technology.


Everett Forkner, Richards, MO



1Dr. Chris DeWelt, Joplin, MO
(Director of Missions at
Ozark Christian College
Chairman, Board of Directors,
Literature and Teaching Ministries)





Gary Johnson, Richards, MO
(Retired Teacher)


4Victor Knowles, Joplin, MO
(Director of Peace on Earth Ministries, Author, Preacher)






5Don Lucietta, Lamar, MO
(Farmer and Agriculture / Agri-Business
Specialist for MO Congressman Roy Blunt)


6Barbara Sachtleben, Springfield, IL






7Nick Parsons, San Francisco, CA
(Church Planter)


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