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“He leads me beside the still waters.”— Psalm 23:2

The Impact of Project NOMaD! Todd Beaverson of Timber Lake Christian Church in Moberly, Missouri, shares this report after being trained in Joplin and then conducting NOMaD training in Haiti. Todd says, “My class consisted of six students, ranging in age from 16 to 34. Most of them had superior computer skills already. One of the things about the NOMaD program that I began to realize during my class time is the fact that the impact of this program will never be known in this lifetime. How many videos will be produced? What will they be about? Who will see them? How will their lives be changed? These are some of the questions I realized I would never have answered, but I also realized that’s okay. One person plants, another waters, but ultimately, it is God who gives the increase. All I can hope for is that the tools and knowledge that I left there can produce fruit.”

Shocked and Astonished! Lena of GNPI-Ukraine shares, “We are still shocked and astonished by the shift in our country. Please pray for our safety, for the Lord’s guidance in our projects, for the right people to help us with the new laws and rules of the game, and that we could settle here under the new conditions.”

Swahili Summary! Isaac Masiga of GNPI-Kenya writes, “Thanks to God for the projects we are undertaking this year. We finished A Distant Boat in the Swahili version, and the feedback so far is great. We finished recording The Global Gospel in the Swahili version sometime back, and we are in the final stages of editing. In addition, we request special prayers for the Christian talk show project that we want to do this year. Pray for a good working relationship between Liberty Visions and GNPI for this production. Thanks for your continual prayer and support.”

Vandalism! Manee Massey of GNPI-Damoh, India, says, “Please pray for the Christians at nearby Jabalpur. Recently their church building was attacked and vandalized. Right now many churches all over India are being vandalized.”

“We are thrilled!” Tom Silkwood of GNPI-Thailand and Freedom Films Productions writes, “The air pollution in Chiang Mai is what everybody here seems to be talking about these days. With burning eyes and scratchy throats and temperatures over 100 degrees, we long for the monsoons to come in May or June and clean the air. In the meantime, the work goes on and we are thrilled to report many more Thai people are hearing the Message of salvation and grace through videos, DVDs, and testimonies we upload to the Internet. We are greatly encouraged by you fellow believers who share in this calling with us through prayer and support to make the ministry possible.”

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