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“No more night . . . the Lord will give them light.” —Revelation 22:1-5


The Indigitous Conference! Manee Massey writes, “I am leaving for the Indigitous conference in Bangalore in a few days. Attendees were asked to submit a project idea, so I submitted the one about projects for the urban unreached. It is exciting to see my project idea is the first on the list, and they are sharing it in promotional emails. Once they are done with the selection process, they will even sponsor an idea or team to implement a project idea. Please keep me in your prayers. Pray that something new will come from this conference.”

Pray Continually! TP from GNPI-SE Asia writes, “Please pray continually that we will be able to do trainings for evangelism and for those who are capable to teach others. Pray for God to let the people of this region see the True and Living God through us.”

An Incredible Trip! Executive Director Mike Schrage and International Director Bob Sartoris had an incredible trip to a conference in Europe for outreach to North Africa and the Middle East. They had a chance to meet with people from all over the world who use media to spread the Gospel. Praise God that they saw God provide for their needs, set a prisoner free, and open new doors to share the Good News.

Current and Future Outreach! Gustavo Velázquez of GNPI-Mexico reports, “Our radio broadcasts are being affected by a few issues with our Internet. Please pray we can resolve these issues with the service providers. In addition, please pray for us as we are working on the script for the next short film on anorexia.”

Creation Moments! Sergei Golovin of GNPI-Ukraine shares, “A new media project resulted as a follow up of our Scientists of God book publishing. Many told us how greatly they were challenged through finding from the book that the vast majority of modern science founders were devoted believers and were led in their research by their convictions. We have produced a series of short videos also called Scientists of God. The first one is on Louis Pasteur. We also started a Creation Moments audio series of 90-second programs on natural evidences for the biblical account of creation. Please keep these projects in your prayers.”

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