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“. . . God has made you also an heir.” — Galatians 4:1-7



GNPI Praises and Prayer Requests for January 13, 2015

Cable Television! Nenette Pacoli of GNPI-Philippines shares, “There is a possibility of broadcasting WWJD on one of the Christian channels of a cable television station! A young man, who Pastor Carlos mentors, follows our series on the Internet, and he thinks the series should be on television. He also works for Light Network, and he contacted us. Now we are meeting to iron out details. Please pray that God will guide us in this process.”

A Three-Day Training! Pong Dang of GNPI-SE Asia shares, “We are still editing the Gospel music DVD. In addition, some members of our staff are leaving for the central part of this country. The ministers and evangelists there requested that we teach them how to utilize the tools we have produced in evangelism. This training will take three days. Thank God for these new opportunities.”

 The Global Gospel Update! International Director Bob Sartoris says, “Sixteen languages of The Global Gospel are done or in process. Please pray for the Lord to provide partners to develop and fund the next nine languages as we strive to complete the project in the world’s top 25 languages by the end of 2015.”

A Busy Season! Manee Massey of GNPI-Damoh, India, writes, “Our staff was busy last month preparing the set for the music video, and some Christian youth performed on both music videos. Please continue to pray with us for our upcoming projects, and thank you for your support.”

Fifty Years of Giving! Marc and Evelyn from Indiana write, “We praise the Lord for your visions and actions in presenting Christ to the nations. We pray for your work daily and send monthly support through our church. We have a history of more than 50 years of giving to GNPI, [starting with Ziden and Helen Nutt in Africa before the ministry expanded].”

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