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Prayers & Praises

This week we would like to share what we have been praying for all the regional centers in the GNPI network. We held a special prayer time on December 3. Each center submitted prayer requests. It was a blessing to connect through technology and intercede for each other.

Prayer Requests from our International Hour of Prayer (IHOP)

December 2014


  • Please pray for vision and guidance as our team works on new programming for Thailand.
  • We would like to expand into new language groups. This will require new staff members. We would like to see new programming being produced for the Lisu people, especially the Biblical Extension Courses (BEC) in Lisu.
  • We as a staff really need to renew our spiritual zeal and energy. We need God to truly be the leader and lead us to a greater, more effective outreach.
  • We appreciate prayers for our health and the health of our families.
  • We ask for your prayers as we begin working on The Global Gospel in the Thai language.

SE Asia

  • Pray for more thankful hearts to God, who is the Lord of Lords, and lets us serve him through media.
  • Pray for God to give us knowledge and wisdom to be able to produce more effective tools for believers and nonbelievers.
  • Pray God will allow us to send the message of the living and true God to the people of SE Asia through the tools that we have produced.
  • Pray we will be able to train people who will disciple others.
  • Pray God will help us to bring many young people back to Christ.


  • We want to thank Lord for how he watched over us and sustained all of the staff in 2014, in every conceivable way.
  • We need guidance and wisdom for our direction in 2015. This includes the need for additions to our staff and Board, as well as direction about where the Lord will take the organization.
  • We seek God’s wisdom for how to further expand the reach of our WWJD program, for new partners, and for new contacts who may want to use the materials.
  • We are conceptualizing new projects. We are seeking God’s affirmation about his will for us. Please pray for resources for these new projects.
  • Please pray for good health for all of us, including our family members.

Russia (Lena and team in Crimea):

  • Pray for continued peace for Russia.
  • Pray for the center in Crimea to be able to get registered according to the new Russian laws, so we can get all our work properly legalized.
  • Pray for us to be able to continue the development and construction of our training base, Nieuwenhuis Training Center (in English, this translates to New House, or New Home).
  • Ask God to help us continue training and equipping the body of believers with a major focus on online tools like blogging, podcasts, webcasts, social networks, as well as developing programs for children’s ministries and personal evangelism.


  • Pray for protection over Uganda and Kenya in this time of terrorist attacks.
  • Pray that God will enable us, open more doors for partnership, and connect us to people for ministry in the next year.
  • Pray for new staff member, Stephen and his wife, Dianah, that God will continue to strengthen them in their marriage despite the distance. (Stephen has moved to Mbale, Uganda, and Dianah is in Kenya finishing up her schooling.)
  • Pray for Jesca’s schooling that God will keep providing knowledge so she can finish in 2015.
  • We also pray that God will take our center to the next level in everything we are doing for his kingdom and also for God to guide us.
  • Pray that the projects/material we produce at GNPI will reach many people in this coming year.
  • Also pray that God will provide funds and knowledge as we anticipate our upcoming projects.


  • Please pray for our staff members, Madhur and Vicky, who were diagnosed with diabetes last month. We need to pray for good health of all of our staff.
  • This Christmas we are planning to broadcast a 15-minute program on national TV. The program has the potential viewership of about 40 million!
  • Recently we had NOMaD training in India, and we see a big potential in many young teams. Please pray that all these people from all over India can impact their communities by producing videos
  • Please pray for The Global Gospel languages pending due to lack of funds. Pray that soon we can complete the project in four more languages: Chhattisgarhi, Oriya, Nepali, and Bhojpuri.
  • Pray for wisdom and God’s guidance in this GNPI center so that we can be fruitful and make a bigger impact through videos.


  • Offer a prayer of gratitude for the year of 2014. God has been blessing us.
  • Lift up a prayer of gratitude for the new equipment we’re receiving (computers, camera, lights, etc.)
  • Pray for the serious problem of violence in our country and for our president.
  • Pray for the online radio station. We’re having some problems in transmission. We are looking for some alternatives to solve the problem.
  • Pray for permission of The Global Gospel. The project was already finished long ago. We only need the permission from the United Bible Society. (This prayer was answered, and permission was granted on December 11, 2014.)
  • Pray for the presentation of our third short film, No Return, to the pastors of the city on December 8. It is on the topic of suicide.
  • Pray for the impact of our material on YouTube and Vimeo channels. We are approaching three million views. People have written to comment about how some of our materials have impacted their lives. We want God to continue working on those hearts.
  • Pray for projects for next year, mainly for the next three short films we plan to record about anorexia, rebellion, and bullying.


  • We kindly ask you to lift up the general well-being of our studio staff. Pray that they will be able to perform efficiently in their work for the kingdom and that God will oversee their families and lives.
  • Pray for Simmi, her kids, and the ministry. December 1 was the first anniversary of her husband’s (Deepak) passing.
  • As we leave 2014 and enter into 2015, we need prayers for God’s general guidance for new initiatives and media projects we will be involved in related to Gospel evangelism.
  • We released our new Christian song album, and we were able to distribute it to some people. We are still praying that we will be able to raise more funds in order for more distribution. We want to bring to light five particular Sikh families from our church. The families are currently non-Christian and have started attending our church. They responded to our Mahima CD and The Global Gospel DVD really well, and we are thankful to God for this. We would appreciate your prayers that God will use our music to impact more lost families such as these.


  • Our country is going through a lot of threats (security threats from Al Shabaab). Pray for the safety of Kenyans and that the spread of the Gospel shall not be hampered.
  • There’s a growing need for materials packaged in Solar Kits in rural areas. Pray for funding towards the purchase of more kits. Also pray for God to increase our ability to create some much needed content for many new local TV and radio stations.
  • Pray for the health of our admin assistant, Nelly, and her yet-to-be-born baby. She expects to deliver in late December or early January.
  • Pray for God to give Prince Makaya and his family wisdom and direction as they embark on a new journey in January.
  • Thanks to God for the completion of The Global Gospel (Swahili) recordings. We are now working on editing, mixing, and authoring. Pray also for the funding and success of other languages we plan to record, such as Amharic and Kinyarwanda.
  • Pray for our new project coordinator, Mercy Shivachi, who joined us on December 1.

Ukraine (Sergei in Kiev):

  • Pray for peace for Ukraine (Russia has not given up its plans for either massive invasion or demolishing the country economically.)
  • Pray for better adjustment to the new conditions at both our campuses.
  • Pray for health for Sergei’s family.
  • Pray for God to strengthen the relationships between Sergei, as the leader of this team in Europe, and the staff in Crimea (Russia).


  • Pray for the formation of three research teams for Hindu, Buddhist, and Muslim audiences.
  • Pray for funding of the App research and development processes.
  • Ask God for open doors to China.
  • Pray for health for our Communications Coordinator, Marsha, and that she remains cancer free.

Intercede for unity and joy in Joplin as we serve God by serving our donors, strategic partners, regional directors, and NOMaD teams.

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