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“You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” — Jeremiah 29:11


“More are being added every week!” Sergio Alvarado of the NOMaD team in Pachuca, Mexico, shares, “Right now we have more than a thousand people worshipping in our three churches, and more are being added every week. Just last Sunday we had eight more baptisms!” Sergio also says, “Media has been a big part of our vision and a tremendous tool to reach this young city, as you can imagine. We have been creating promotional videos to promote our ministries, our cell group leader training materials, our preaching series, and we have also used media to help other ministries around the city of Pachuca and Mexico City to promote what they are doing.”

WWJD Growing in Popularity! Nenette Pacoli of GNPI-Philippines says, “Praise God that the WWJD Facebook page has surpassed 2,000 likes. With each new episode of WWJD that they upload to Facebook, it seems more and more people are viewing and sharing. The most recent episode is called Finding the Right One. It has been shared more than 100 times and has had more than 5000 views!”

Distributing 5,000 CDs! Simmi Dhingra of GNPI-Chandigarh, India, writes, “We are planning to release one audio CD, Mahima, in the month of October. We’ll officially be distributing 5,000 CDs to area churches. Once again, we pray for funds so we can distribute these CDs. Our studio staff are translating the book of James in Punjabi, so that is almost ready. I am preparing my studio staff here, to make them understand the current situation and to cast a vision for the future. Please keep us in your prayers.”

The Gift of Modern Technologies! Sergei Golovin of GNPI-Ukraine writes, “Our brand new project, Reliable Foundations Club, has started! People from several churches came to the first meeting; some were accompanied by their unbelieving friends. Online podcast made the club session available to many more people despite borders and wars. Praise be the Lord for the gift of modern technologies that allow the spreading of the Message so effectively!

Building and Learning! Jeff Silkwood of GNPI-Thailand writes, “One of the hardest parts of moving to Thailand is perhaps the constant sickness that our family has endured. Every month, sometimes twice a month, our children get sick and run high temperatures too. There are a wide variety of germs here that do not live in the United States. We are learning it takes a long time to build up a resistance against them. Please keep us in your prayers as we continue to learn the language. There are days we ask ourselves what are we doing, but we still believe that God has us here for a reason.”

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