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Prayers & Praises

“Constant prayer was offered to God for [Peter] by the church.” – Psalm 38:15


Monday Meetings With Momentum!
NOMaD Coordinator Jason Miller reports, “I just completed the first session of virtual training with the team in Chile this morning. It went really well, and I’m looking forward to working through the new project-based program with them. We will be connecting every Monday morning from 8:00-10:00 a.m. (at least until the time changes).”

Repairs and Restoration!
Deepak Dhingra of GNPI-Chandigarh, India, shares, “We have good news. One of the church buildings in the area has been repaired! It was badly damaged in the floods in June 2013. The labor was done totally by the local congregation. The mud is gone, building is repaired, painting is complete, and the worship area is restored.”

Cheerleaders for the Kingdom!
Friends of the ministry thank Executive Director Mike Schrage for his note of gratitude to them. This ministry partner says, “You people are so appreciative of every little bit we can send. Keep up the good work. Two of your cheerleaders in Indiana!” GNPI staff members are very grateful for each ministry partner who helps accelerate global evangelism through media.

Solar Kits to Sudan!
Eddie Gonzalez, serving as a missionary in southern Sudan received two Solar Kits from GNPI-Mbale recently. Eddie expressed his gratitude and excitement that God is using these Solar Kits to make an impact. Eddie says, “This has been a huge blessing for our ministry. Many people have been asking to have the films shown in their area. Thank you.”

Open Enrollment!
Sergei Golovin of GNPI-Ukraine writes, “We were glad to meet a young man who is highly interested in starting a creation evangelism ministry in a region that is new for us. We have invited the man to join the FD-222 project (FD stands for Faith Defender, 222 – for 2 Timothy 2:2). It is our most effective young leaders training program. We have decided to offer it every other year. Now we are starting the new applicant enrollment. Please pray the Lord will bring the right people.”

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