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Prayers & Praises

“. . . we know that this man really is the Savior of the world.” — John 4:42

Boys Town Showing!
Nenette Pacoli of GNPI-Philippines shares, “Please include us in your prayers. We will be showing All Things New to Boys Town, a rehab facility for street kids this week. This movie is about how God transforms the lives of four street kids. Pray that God will use it to work in these young hearts to show the love and hope he offers. Thanks for everything!”

NOMaD Project on National TV in India!
NOMaD Coordinator Jason Miller reports that a project in Hindi, completed by one of our newly trained NOMaD teams, will be broadcast on national TV in India soon. It is the story of a widow who forgives her husband’s murderer. Praise God for his healing love and for this testimony.

Prepared for Change!
Sergei Golovin of GNPI-Ukraine writes, “A big danger in times of peace is to take God’s mercy for granted, but when troubles come we can see how merciful he is and always was. No one could predict what would happen in Crimea and Ukraine (except those who planned the disaster). Yet, the Lord was preparing our ministry for the change, even though we had no clue about it yet. Praised be his name!”

Making Progress in Mali!
Christian worker Jeff Frazee helps with the NOMaD team in Mali. Jeff says that they have completed the audio for the French (African) version of The Global Gospel. Now they are anxious to begin work on another major trade language in the region. Praise God for this progress!

Technology Matin!
Jackton Omondi, of Made In the Streets ministry in Kenya writes, “We thank you very much, GNPI, for the donation of the God-given gift of the Solar Kit. We were able to use it in different occasions and places. We have used it with our students in showing The Jesus Film and at chapel for worship. We also are using it to show evangelistic videos to our graduates. We are even using it at our house to watch movies and Bible stories. The most interesting showing was to our Maasai guards. They were surprised to see a small thing without electricity showing on the wall. We are forced to take good care of it because it is tempting to all the students, guards, and graduates that have seen it. We have nicknamed it Technology Matin, which means small technology.”

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