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Prayers & Praises

“From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets, the name of the Lord is to be praised.” — Psalm 113:3

Praying for New Believers!
Jesca of GNPI-Uganda writes, “For the last three months, 1,479 people watched the Proverbs series, Promise of Love, and Tough Choices on the new Solar Kits, and 102 people gave their lives to Christ! These people are from different areas of Mbale. We are so grateful, and we pray that those people remain strong in the Lord.”

A Reliable Foundation!
Sergei Golovin of GNPI-Ukraine writes, “A new developing project is the Reliable Foundation Club, an apologetics and creation evangelism club. The club would be a place where people from various churches can share their insights and ask their questions, a place where they can be better rooted in the truth of the Scripture and encouraged to share it with others, and a place where they can bring friends who seek truth but hesitate coming to church. The idea was met with enthusiasm. We keep working on the details, and have already decided on the time and location. We plan to start weekly meetings in mid-September. Please pray with us about this new project! I believe it should be very fruitful!”

Eager to Work!
TP of GNPI-SE Asia writes, “We have replaced a transformer and made arrangements for other requirements in the studio. The power is in good condition now. We called a Burmese speaker for audio recording and tested his voice for The Global Gospel. Please pray for us. We are eager to work on this project in one of our languages.”

Practical Needs!
Jeff Silkwood of GNPI-Thailand writes, “My family has now been in Thailand for about four months. Things are beginning to get a little more normal here. However, we have had a couple set backs. Please keep the health of our family in your prayers. Also, please be in prayer that we can get a new computer. We thank you for you continued prayers and interest.”

Increasing in India!
Manee Massey of GNPI-Damoh, India, writes, “The Chennai NOMaD team called us for direction in producing The Global Gospel in the Tamil language. We developed a step-by-step plan to help them finish this project. Our technical team is very happy to assist and see the progress of the Tamil and Telugu languages.” Praise the Lord for these opportunities to share his word in India!

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