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Prayers & Praises

. . . On him we have set our hope that he will continue to deliver us, as you help us by your prayers. Then many will give thanks on our behalf for the gracious favor granted us in answer to the prayers of many.” — 2 Corinthians 1:10-11


Multiplied for God’s Glory!
Sergei Golovin of GNPI-Ukraine says, “God is in charge both in times of peace and in times of trouble. These days, while I am supervising the ministry in two areas, the Lord provides opportunities to coordinate, encourage, comfort, and support several other missionaries and co-workers who either had to leave occupied territories and battle areas or had to stay there. With things in Ukraine, I see various parallels with the book of Acts. The authorities of the world forced the disciples, who started churches and ministries in one place, to flee to other places. Satan probably tried to destroy the message this way. Instead, it was multiplied for the glory of the Lord. Praised be God’s name!”

A Roller Coaster!
Jeff Silkwood of GNPI-Thailand writes, “What a ride we have been on since we arrived in Thailand a couple months ago. If any of you were wondering, moving a family of four half way around the world is hard work. However, although hard, we are told that this is a normal stage in moving a family across the globe. We are focusing on learning the Thai language. This is a big task. Thai is a hard language to learn. We have been taking lessons from a Christian Thai tutor. She is a great tutor and very flexible with us. Thanks for praying for our adjustment and for us to find a tutor.”

Trips and Transitions!
Vince Vigil of GNPI-Uganda says, “There are lots of trips and transitions over the summer for our coworkers. Please pray for safety. In addition, pray that God will provide for our upcoming expenses in transitioning back to the States.”

A Grand Opening!
TP of GNPI-SE Asia says, “Last week, I visited a village for the dedication of a new church. It encouraged me when I found they are growing in their faith in Christ, and they want to be involved in evangelism and Christian ministries. The church leaders asked about the possibilities of developing productions in their language. These church leaders told us they are growing more and more in Christ through the tools we have produced. They trust our productions and want more. If we can organize one tribe after another to influence the young generations by sound doctrine through media productions, God will be glorified. Please pray for us continually.”

“Many Thanks to You!”
Mick O’Hanahan of Niños de México helped deliver a Solar Kit to Chilapa, Mexico, to help with the church plants in that area. Mick wrote, “Many thanks to you for the part you’ve played in making this happen!” We, at GNPI, would like to pass on these words of gratitude to those at Fairmount Christian Church, who supplied the funds for this kit, and to the many others who give generously to allow us to send Solar Kits around the world.

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