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Prayers & Praises

“The people who sat in darkness have seen a great light, and upon those who sat in the region and shadow of death Light has dawned.”
– Matthew 4:16 (NKJV)

“The Global Gospel in 18 States of India!”
Manee Ross of GNPI-Damoh, India, shares, “We have distributed The Global Gospel in 18 States of India. Total viewership today is 51,200. We are praying for duplication funds to be raised soon, so we can produce 1,000 more DVD copies of each of the following languages: Hindi, English, Gujarati, and Bengali.”

Delivering the Digital Version of Video Loop IV!
Isaac Masiga of GNPI-Kenya writes, “Video Loop IV e-book is scheduled to be live online by the second week of January. I have been meeting with a couple of guys including focus groups on how to effectively reach the youth using media. At the top of the list in the distribution strategy was switching to a digital format. Printing hard copies has become very expensive, as you know, so we will be printing a few copies on demand. A couple of schools and focus groups have expressed interest in getting more copies for distribution. These discussions provided lots of helpful information for the development of DETOX at the beginning of next year.

“A mighty work for the Lord!”
One friend of the ministry writes, “What a mighty work for the Lord Good News Productions, International is continually doing. We, as a church here, are (and have been for years) blessed to share in it, so that the world may know Christ. Thank you for the great updates.”

“A really talented person!”
Jesca of GNPI-Uganda writes, “We started the vocal recording of The Global Gospel in the Luganda language a couple weeks ago. Mark Muyanga is our voice talent. He is a born-again Christian who fellowships with the Kampala Church of Christ. He leads choir and does many other activities at the church. Mark is a student who is currently finishing his bachelor’s degree and doing his internship, as well as creating time to do this project. So far the recording is going well. Mark is a really talented person! We thank God for that.”

Picking Up the Pieces!
Please continue to pray for all those recovering from the recent devastating typhoon. Pray also that the staff at GNPI-Philippines can continue to produce media to help people apply God’s Word to everyday life.

Prayer has become such a prominent part of our ministry that we have some exciting news to share! In January, the weekly prayer updates you are used to receiving will be accompanied by additional GNPI news. This will help you understand how to pray for us even more specifically. And, our prayer ministry has an official name: Group 5•16 (a reference to James 5:16). Simply click on the Group 5•16 banner on the page of the weekly communication, and you’ll be ready to pray for God’s continued guidance and wisdom for GNPI’s efforts to accelerate global evangelism through media and technology.

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