Great Joy and Privilege

Great Joy and Privilege

Sergei Golovin, Regional Director of GNPI-Eurasia


I am just one voice of the ministry. I share the fruit of a wonderful cohort of workers and volunteers who develop resources, produce media, provide technical support, monitor social networks, and provide various kinds of help and service. Some of them are scattered as displaced people in the cities and villages of central and western Ukraine. Some stay under the radar in occupied territories. Some emigrate, yet we are one family.




Here is an update of GNPI-Eurasia’s presence through Internet and social media (not counting sites that repost our resources): – primary content site – updated primary content site – online store  – YouTube account – Vimeo account – God’s Design for Science textbooks page – Reliable Foundations online club our page at the online library Equalibra – Sergei’s Facebook account – Nieuwenhuis Training Center page – Sergei Golovin’s blog – Another Sergei Golovin blog – East European Leadership Forum (Apologetics section)


Please join me in my praise as the Lord has blessed us abundantly. We praise Him for this great joy and privilege!

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