Our guest blogger, Boyce Mouton, is a retired minister and an author. We appreciate his partnership with GNPI over the last three decades. Boyce has encouraged staff members in a variety of ways; he served as an advisory board member and hosted the Venture in Faith program. He’s brought dozens of Christian workers to GNPI to learn about the ministry or to help them receive a Solar Kit.


Boyce has participated in planning and prayer meetings, offered financial support for many projects, and purchased a Nomad Production Kit to use in teaching a distance learning class in central America.

Boyce Mouton, guest blogger

Almost everyone has received a phone call or letter soliciting funds for some worthy cause. It has been my policy to only help those individuals and ministries with which I am personally familiar. In this regard I am very familiar with GNPI and happy to be one of their many volunteers.

I first met Ziden Nutt in 1954. My admiration and respect for him has continued to grow throughout more than 60 years of friendship. God greatly blessed his ministry in Africa, and even expanded his influence for Christ when he and Helen returned to the states. My own ministry, while very small by comparison, has still been magnified by my association with Ziden and his team of workers.


One of the first ways that GNPI helped me was during the 1970s via the Venture in Faith series.


At no cost to me I was given access to their studio, cameras, and technicians. These professionally produced testimonies from outstanding Christian workers are now available for all to see online. This was just the first of many ways we have combined our efforts to advance the cause of Christ.

One of the most recent ways GNPI helped me was only a few months ago through Project Nomad. For less than $600 they helped me to get a camera and provided instructions that enabled me to produce 24 lessons on the Gospel of Luke in Spanish. These lessons are also on the world wide web. These lessons were downloaded by a Bible College in Nicaragua during February 2016. Again, with the help and expertise of GNPI, I was able to set up a video conference with that college from Missouri. After they watched the lesson in Nicaragua, I was able to answer their questions from here.

In March of 2016 I took these, and many other Bible lessons, to Cuba on a flash drive. While they are years behind, a growing number of Cuban preachers have cell phones and access to computers. GNPI is on the cutting edge and is eager to share their expertise with others regardless of where they are with technology.

The help GNPI has given me is being replicated in the lives of countless people all over the world. Just last October I was privileged to be in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and visited the GNPI production studio.

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I met preachers like me, whose ministries have been magnified by technology in the hands of dedicated servants of Christ. The worldwide outreach of GNPI is making Christ available to millions of people every day. 

Many years ago the late Clarence Greenleaf visited the production studio in Joplin. Like the Queen of Sheba said to Solomon, he felt the half had not been told. What he saw in person meant much more to him than what he had heard. Perhaps some day you too will be able to visit one of the GNPI production studios around the world. 


Since Ziden has retired, I am happy to see Mike Schrage continue to lead with the same vision and integrity that has always been associated with this ministry.

Regardless of who you are, where you live, or what kind of ministry you have, I am confident you will find good friends at GNPI. 



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