God’s Preparation for Ministry Transformation

//God’s Preparation for Ministry Transformation

God’s Preparation for Ministry Transformation

By Sergei Golovin, Regional Director of GNPI-Ukraine

God's Preparation1

A big danger in times of peace is to take God’s mercy for granted.

When troubles come, we can see how merciful God is and always was. No one could predict what was coming in Crimea and Ukraine (except those who planned the disaster). Yet, the Lord was preparing our ministry for the change, even though we had no clue about it. Praised be God’s name!

God's Preparation 2

I expected the ministry transformation period to take 6 months, if not a year, until the two-campus approach would work completely. However, at our recent team Skype conference, we concluded that we are pretty well adjusted to the change already. It went smoothly because of the ministry reorganization the Lord arranged a year ago by making our structure more flexible and the development of proper leadership for every ministry aspect.  We have kept our focus on teaching, training, and discipleship, and the Lord continues to provide many opportunities.

God's Preparation 3

God definitely brings us joy in the midst of any troubles of the world! As an oriental proverb puts it, “The dog keeps barking, but the caravan keeps going.” A church in Kiev, where I teach and do seminars from time to time, has invited me to share the Word of God at their baptism retreat. Despite all the turmoil, all the wars and the rumors of war, the Lord is adding to the church daily! Praised be his name! What a joy to see the fruit from each of us by the grace of the Lord! As Paul put it, one plants, another waters; but God gives the increase! Troubles under the heavens make people seek the answers from above. God is already using the current situation for spiritual awakening in Ukraine. I believe, in a few years, the church of Ukraine will become a much more powerful agent for delivering God’s truth to every corner of Russia, and Crimea will be a special door for it! May the Lord continue to lead us and guide us in spreading his glory!

God's Preparation 4

We are reviving our publishing ministry as well, and plan to a print couple new titles this fall. We are considering our options of printing the books in Crimea, in the mainland Ukraine, or doing some in both places. Printing in Crimea seems more reasonable at this time. We have a developed ministry infrastructure there, and it is completely preserved. Please join our prayers for the ministry field expansion!

I am really excited about the new projects in Kiev for the School of Christian Apologetics and for the Reliable Foundations Club that are progressing. Please continue to pray for them, as well as for peace in Ukraine. We highly desire peace to come. Even if it will not, we will continue to share the ultimate peace and hope in the person of Christ! Your prayers are what we need the most!


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