God’s Not Only for the Educated

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God’s Not Only for the Educated

Linda Byler, Africa Inland Mission in South Sudan

Mary is the first lady who believed in Jesus here in Laarim, South Sudan. She was so glad for the Jesus film on the Solar Kit which allowed her to hear, see, and learn about Jesus.

Mary is a lady of great faith (far beyond mine in some respects!), an evangelist to her family (her husband, a chief, has accepted Jesus too, and they are regularly meeting in their home with other believers) and beyond! It is fascinating to watch her and listen as she says, “Until you came, it was only the educated who could learn about God in the schools, but now I have heard.” Another lady who is following Jesus because of Mary shared, “When you were not here and my child became ill, I decided not to go to the witch doctor. Instead I prayed for my child as I’d heard you pray, and God even heard and answered me!”

Visual helps make a big difference in this culture. Mary is now using a book of quality pictures to tell the Bible stories to many others (who cannot read or write). One time as she shared her testimony, she ended with the finale about heaven. “It’s more beautiful than Camp 15 (the nearest village with shops), or Kapoeta (about twice as far and more of a town), and maybe even more beautiful than America!”

Our team has used the Solar Kit to show the Jesus film during our time here in the remote “bush” of South Sudan among an illiterate, unreached people group. We use the film as a starter in the various communities and also as a tool later in discipleship and outreach. Our goal is to teach some of the youth how to manage the Jesus film under our guidance so it can go to more unreached communities of Laarim people in the Boya Hills.

Thanks for answering our request so quickly to replace our well-used Solar Kit which is now out for repairs in Nairobi!

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