God’s Love Is Evident

//God’s Love Is Evident

God’s Love Is Evident

This Valentine’s Day was different for me than most. I reflected on the death of my father who passed away during the previous week at age 89.

During the eulogy I asked the church audience to think about what my Dad would tell us after entering eternity. It’s something we all need to think about. When he died on February 8, 2016, how did his priorities shift? What would he say to those of us still here today?

My father was an unselfish, hardworking farmer, civil servant, and Korean War veteran. Yet, with all due respect to my dad, nothing we do on earth compares to the God who loved us enough to give His only Son. In keeping with Valentine’s Day, my father might ask us simple questions.

Do you love God? Do you know Jesus? Are you ready for eternity?

Yes, even at my father’s funeral, the focus was on God’s incredible love. His love is wonderful. It’s evident even in times of great sorrow when a loved one leaves this earth.

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