God’s Great Transformation Story in India

//God’s Great Transformation Story in India

God’s Great Transformation Story in India

unnamed-7Current research indicates that only somewhere between two and six percent of the people in India are Christian. There is a huge need for the continuing work of the Holy Spirit to transform lives from darkness to light!

Another impressive truth is that even with the small percentage of people following Christ in a populous nation like India, the aggregate number of believers makes India the eighth largest Christian population in the world! Yes, God has been working in India, even at a time when it is more and more dangerous to follow Christ!

Several years ago, a colleague in India was sharing about how the Good News was impacting the Dalits, or low caste people of India. After teaching hundreds of seekers through public teaching, then distributing recordings of the teaching through media via our GNPI regional center, several thousand Dalits made commitments to follow Jesus. A year later, several thousand more made commitments, and the stories of transformation continue!

There is still a massive need to create, share, and distribute culturally relevant, biblically based material in India. Yet, what a joy it is that we have already been involved in God’s great transformation story in the incredible country of India.

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