God Will Make a Way

//God Will Make a Way

God Will Make a Way

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

I am encouraged to see what the Lord is doing in Ghana.

TEAM Expansion reports,

“The Lord has begun a Church Planting Movement in Ghana! They have baptized 203 people so far in 2016. Here’s the breakdown by tribe: Gonja 106, Dagomba 51, Chokossi 2, Mamprusi 2, Vagla 1, Fulani 5, Bawule 3, Jula 5, Deg 3, Birifor 2, Hausa 2, Dagaati 5, Talinsi 4, and 12 baptisms in tribes unknown at the time of this report. There have also been 13 new groups/simple churches formed.”

This is nearly a person per day, and more than one tribe per month! These impressive results have come in spite of trials the Church planters, Terry and Amy Ruff, faced including robbery and emergency trips home for health concerns.

Project Nomad Coordinator Mark Allen recently went to Ghana to work with these Christian workers. Mark says,

The Ruffs created a media studio to reach the people of Ghana and asked GNPI to help train nine prospective media missionaries.

The group has incredible potential. One team will create biblical resources to reach Ghana’s deaf population, which includes an estimated 250,000 unreached people. Another attendee, Pastor Moses S., the oldest son of a prominent Muslim teacher, was converted and now plants churches.

Some of my equipment was stolen while I was in Ghana, and the training conditions were less than ideal. Yet, things turned out great. It reminded me that God will make a way even when it’s difficult.


Let’s keep praying and keep working together to accelerate global evangelism!

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