God Takes Care of Us

God Takes Care of Us

Simmi Dhingra of GNPI-Chandigarh, India


Pray for courage and strength for the Christian workers in our area. We are editing the video testimony of a local church member who overcame a drug addiction, working on our website, and distributing The Global Gospel in Punjabi.


The Punjabi version of The Global Gospel is a big hit with our church members. It is one example of the Christian materials we distribute in our native language. Pastor YP recently gave away 400 DVDs in two villages.


There are still many people in need and many other villages asking to borrow the movie about Jesus Christ. In fact, due to the demand in one village, we will distribute Gospel songs and Messages to them as soon as we can.

We always look for ways to tell more people about Jesus and to share the love of God through various channels. We pray with people who don’t have hope. Solar Kits are one of the greatest tools we have to make communication easier, and they attract a crowd.


The children come first. They watch the media and ask a lot of questions. Then they invite the pastors to come to their homes to share about Christ. Many of the children brought their parents to church at Christmas.



We try to encourage the churches in our area. In the cities of northern India, preaching the Gospel is difficult with a new political party in power.


We have to be on our guard every time we go out to preach or conduct mass meetings. Some people try to disturb us by throwing stones on our gathering or cutting off the power. Our evangelists have been beaten for showing Bible clips on Solar Kits. The local administration has punished these criminals, but ensuring justice is an ongoing and difficult process. We are thankful to God for taking care of us as we face persecution for His Name.

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