God Opens Doors

God Opens Doors

Tom Silkwood, Regional Director of GNPI-Thailand

Our ministry goal is to have materials ready to distribute whenever we hear about a need. A woman recently stopped by our office in Chiang Mai to inquire about our materials. Over 40 hours of preaching in the Lisu language were loaded onto a tiny thumb drive and given to this new friend.


She will take this small device home to a nearby country where duplicates can be made on any computer.

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Although the government of her country opposes the Word, God opens doors that man tries to close.

Living in a culturally diverse country is sometimes a challenge, but mostly it is a privilege. Aside from the indigenous Thai, there are the Lisu, Rawang, other tribal groups, and other ethnic groups from neighboring countries around Chiang Mai. In recent years many Pakistani Christians have fled their homeland seeking safety in Thailand from religious persecution. Carrying their few belongings and documents, which identify them as asylum-seekers, hundreds are now labeled as refugees. I was honored to be asked to record the marriage of a Pakistani Christian couple recently.


I saw at this as another open door for the Message of Christ.


We made DVD copies to be carried to Dubai, Pakistan, and Bangkok for friends and family members to enjoy.

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