God Is Our Sustenance

God Is Our Sustenance

Isaac Masiga, Regional Director of GNPI-Kenya


We thank God for His sustenance. Abubakar Mwenda is a well-known actor in Kenya. His passion to do a voice for The Global Gospel in Swahili amazed us.


He didn’t do it for money. We didn’t have much to pay him, but he was okay with helping anyway. He did the project during Islamic prayer times. We would see him sneak out to go pray when the time came, then he would come back into the studio and continue playing the part of Jesus.


When the project was done, our project coordinator wanted to finalize his contract for payment. She asked Abubakar, “Which roles did you play in this project? Was it just Jesus or were there any other roles?” He answered, “Correction, it’s not just Jesus, it’s JESUS!” For him playing the role of Jesus was a big deal. We know God is working in his life through this project.


We pray God will continue to make Himself known to many Swahili speakers through this project.


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