God Is Moving!

//God Is Moving!

God Is Moving!

by Tom Silkwood, Regional Director of GNPI-Thailand

I want to pass on this email I received from a man named Liahey.


I met Liahey at a meeting here in Chiang Mai, and he asked what we did. I mentioned our ministry and our programs. He lit up when I mentioned the Lisu BEC (Biblical Extension Courses) program. It seems that he knows of many Lisu in India and requested materials. Long story short, I lost his address, and it took a couple of weeks and numerous emails to finally track him down. I wrote him, got his mailing address, and mailed off a box of DVDs. I have given him permission to duplicate them. Liahey writes:

Thank you so much for the DVDs. I received 30 of them!

I have met a few of the Bible teachers. I’m so glad they continue to function as teachers.

Several of the DVDs have topical teachings like Satan, Resurrection, Offering/Tithe, Drinking/Alcohol.
I thought these will be really great ones to introduce to our church leaders here in India. Would it be okay
if I reproduce a couple of copies for their use?

 I am very happy that you are working hard to make these resources available in our language.

 God is moving!


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