God Has Really Provided for Us

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God Has Really Provided for Us

By Jeff Silkwood of GNPI-Thailand

For those who haven’t heard, Jeff Silkwood is the son of Tom and Gayle Silkwood. Tom is the regional director of GNPI-Thailand. Jeff and his family moved to Thailand last spring. Jeff will be working to coordinate the Solar Kit ministry and the communications from this office.

Jeff Silkwood FamilyMary and I are at the end of the time given to us to settle in Thailand. That means, very soon, we will be working full time on the different projects for GNPI. Please pray for us as we start these projects. We are very excited to begin. We are taking a GNPI Solar Kit to a village without electricity this weekend.

God has really provided for us over the past couple of weeks. Honestly, we know that he has provided every step of the way, but we are really seeing it this week. I am now the proud holder of a Thai work-permit. Now I can work in the country. Praise God! With a work-permit, my family can be added to my visa. This visa allows me to stay in the county for a year at a time. After a 6-hour wait in line at the Thai immigration office here in Chiang Mai, Mary, Josiah, and Violet have new visas allowing them to stay in Thailand as dependents on my religious visa.  A very long and stressful process is now complete. The only thing left for us to do is to get our Thai drivers licenses. I am happy to inform you that we were able to purchase a new computer. Finally, we have found ourselves a new Thai language teacher.

Thank you all so much. We are beginning to figure out what it means to be a part of the body of Christ. Without the church body, we could not work here.


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